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Kristina Johnson is going after the New York Tri-State Area Catholic Cops and their legacy of conspiracies in human trafficking and child molestation.

Sent to the US District Attorney, The Honorable Preet Bharara was a 99 page document on horrible crimes against humanity and the organized sexual abuses suffered on children, teenagers and adults by this dysfunctional group of mostly Catholics.

My horrible ordeal spanning 37 years and those involved in their deranged behaviors whom ended up killing my elderly parents with tortuous interference and deliberate neglect, tasking third parties for obstructive cause.

Labor Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Constructive Kidnapping, Coercion and Infliction of extreme Intentional Emotional Distress to keep Catholic Cops and the Catholic church clean of their twisted habitual sex crimes on children, teenagers and adults.

Express mail notice to start criminal complaint communications with the Justice Department, as I start a public offering to competent legal representations of a large law firm in the NYC area able to take on the scope of the past and ongoing Self Concealing Conspiracies, by this criminal enterprise.

You can read a copy of the letter to Praat Bharara by clicking on his picture, you can download the Informant Affidavit by clicking on the locked file.



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