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The Scary Truth of Psychological Engineering

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The article is intended to expose to the general public, which is not readily available in the public domain; The scariest truth about mind control. While many have done their research visiting countless webpages and videos which expose our capabilities in an ever growing arsenal of electronic weaponry, the most dangerous and effective weapons are being suppressed completely.

You better read this site quickly, because it is sure to be blocked, redirected and just plain taken down soon; what I am about to tell you exposes the most powerful mind control and personal assault weaponry at our disposal.

The most powerful weapon; most effective weapon, most reliable weapon; least costly weapon; easiest to deploy weapon; a weapon that’s effectiveness increases over time; used by prison guards; used by FBI agents against activists; used in the MK Ultra project; easily taught to an average citizen and deployed around the world is YOU.

After years of research in mind control, organized harassment; population control, psychological engineering; experiments with remote viewing; elaborate active denial systems, mind reading, mind projecting; the conclusions found that a target can become the greatest weapon used against themselves.

Believe me, I am as shocked as you are right now, how can I be weaponized against myself? What sort of magic is this? It sounds crazy right? You might be asking yourself; with all these new weapons coming into the view of the public domain, how can I hold the most powerful weapon inside me?

Is the weapon genetic? Is it a quantum weapon? Perhaps a cellular activated bio weapon? No, its none of those things you have heard.

TOP SECRET (Classified)

In the late 40s in Germany and then repeated in the early 50s in the US, experiments were done on service men, and ordinary citizens which discovered a weapon in us so powerful, this information had to be suppressed. Initially the experiments were to remain top secret and Classified, but over time they were restricted for use by military intelligence.

The experiments revealed an easily controlled and little known function of the human autonomic system. This system controlled what we know as involuntary functions of our body; what the public had been made to believe is that the autonomic system is “uncontrollable” and cannot be “controlled” by either ourselves or anyone else.

The first experiment involved “histamine” reactions; to discover how to control the reaction, and also control it “anatomy specific” to different parts of the body. The experimenter would first put their subject under hypnosis, and while under hypnosis suggest to them their arm was on fire. To those who were easily suggestible; a remarkable thing occurred; histamine rushed to the area of their arm and began to cause boils on the surface of their arm identical to those who had actually burned.

The experiment demonstrated with absolute certainty that not only could the autonomic system be controlled by suggestions alone, it could even be target specific to any part of the body they wanted.

Further study and validation of this work was then again researched and confirmed when technicians began studying what you know as “fire walkers”, they found that these people in a certain “state of mind” could shut off their histamine to certain parts of their body at will and not suffer 1st degree burns. You see, the first burn a person suffers is first degree, first degree means there has been no tissue damage from exposure to heat, however, there has been enough heat applied to cause your autonomic system to produce histamine to protect the area from deep tissue damage.

Almost like a puffer fish, our body through evolution developed a protective response which causes our histamine to send fluid to specifically effected areas to act as an insulator in order to protect the underlining tissues. In a first degree burn, skin or tissue damage has yet occurred and the swelling is a defense mechanize which helps to insure further exposure doesn’t cause tissue damage.

These experiments showed with absolute certainty that a person could be programed to feel, burns, feel itches, and have physical reactions to autosuggestive triggers. Further experiments show that you didn’t even have to hypnotize a person, that you could program the reaction and implant many autosuggestive triggers by what is known as subliminal means.

Subliminal suggestion is where a person is being programed without their knowledge like in subliminal advertising where for only a split second, faster than your conscience mind can recognize. This technique could be used by a tasked group of people, throwing words in a conversation as a group, and over time, they could effectively do the same suggestive programing.

This technique is called tagging, or tagging a suggestion, while the group wants to suggest certain programing, the subliminal suggestion is carried by a tag word or idea. It could be anything; like if they wanted to cause you itching, they would all mention the word “popcorn” first, that is the tag word, then within a few minutes mention the “bed bug” problem. Popcorn gets your attention; “bed bug” is the subliminal implant.


Ever since world war two, foreign governments and the US had been experimenting on ways to make the enemy more suggestible, this research and practice deployed what is known today as “Sensory overload and sensitization techniques”. (Note: Today, the US and other foreign military, specifically train their soldiers with “counter-measures” to resist these techniques) The techniques involved maintaining high levels of noise directed at their enemy, night and day, and continually repeating the same things over and over again on loud speaker; usually done by a female to try and manipulate soldiers to react to their normal protective instincts of woman, and hesitate in war against their enemy.

These techniques have been modified and deployed domestically around the country; where the use of sensory overload and sensitization techniques are used to make a target susceptible to autosuggestions. The object of this psychological engineering is to force the target to believe every action, every experience they perceive is about them. No matter where they go, who they meet, the technique brings them to such a high level of awareness that the momentum of the programing will train them to see the entire world and anything they experience to be about them.

There are many names used for this technique depending on who you ask, It’s most commonly called a “push”, where a small group of actors are pushing the target’s thoughts to only focus on very specific ideas or objects, then let the target’s mind do the rest.

This powerful weapon has proven to be the most cost effective and easily deployed weapon in mind control; it requires only small contact and organization around the target. Combine with constant sensory overload, which makes the targets mind “hypervigilant” (Get someone to pay close attention to EVERYTHING around them); only small effort is required to do a “push”.

The push is maintained around a target for short periods of time, it’s not necessary at all to keep pushing the target; once you have gotten their attention and they react; the target will do most of the work and will use their powerful reasoning ability to connect anything they see that relates to the push.

As the target stabilizes, what you may call a booster pushes are used; if observers see a target’s push dissolving, they will set up another push, to get the target to reconnect and start reasoning that everything is about them again. This keeps the mind of the target seeing the world as if everyone they are around is in on the scheme; and make them paranoid about everyone and everything. Some targets will start recording everything around them, frantically trying to record evidence of their ordeal; the problem with this behavior is only a few people are actuall in on it, and the rest has been connected by the targets imagination alone.



These techniques have origins in use in concentration camps, and on prisoners of war since world war two; where terribly inhuman control techniques were used liberally with absolute indifference to humanity. In spite of our common beliefs on cruel and unusual punishment in the us on prison populations; these inhuman techniques where deployed once again in American prisons to force submission of prisoners.

Soft torture, probably renamed today in our new monstrous world of necessity (Advanced Compliance Modification Techniques) which gives it a sense of credability. Sadly it has become so easy to rename the most repugnant and disagreeable abuses, and give it a fancy scientific name; we can simply perform cruel and unusual punishment systematically on a daily basis. You have to understand that the general population is spoiled, self-interested, and has been completely desensitized to any type of inhuman abuse from watching movies and playing video games; that if you ask the average American today what cruel and unusual punishment is, they probably couldn’t give you a relevant answer.


Soft torture in prisons involves the use of chemical or biological irritants, which causes the prisoner constant discomfort and skin irratation; found that after prolonged exposure to this suffering the prisoner becomes more docile and easier to handle. Unlike with the extreme torture of prisoners in the past, it takes a much longer period of time to cause submission and much less work.

This type of prisoner torture is found to be a suitable and “covert” replacement for the use of solitary confinement “hot boxes” which eventually causes public outcry and disapproval by the general public.

This new way of prisoner torture was developed specifically to be undetectable by lawyers, public activists and anyone snooping around asking questions about the prisoner’s. The techniques are known but denied and continually justified today in total defiance of any humanitarian who wishes to expose and stop these types of criminal abuses and crimes against humanity.

Please note: What keeps this practice going without anyone acting in the prison is a constant claim that anyone who wants it stop is some sort of bleeding heart liberal, a sympathizer of people who do not deserve sympathy, and complete dehumanization seen across the world.

Chemical torture had come of age and is now wildly used in secret in prison populations around the world. It is as effective as long term use of hot boxes, starvation, and is often used with solitary confinement; which benefit is to causes a helpless state of the prisoner emotionally and cause them to beg the guards for help over and over again until they become absolutely submissive to the guards.


Now you should be able to identify with how the guards use psychological techniques to also play psychological games with their victim. You see, the guards and some of their “trusties” (prisoners who do the guards dirty work) play mind games with their torture victim, always implying they are actually being chemically abused, and when the prisoner claims they know what they are doing; the guards and even the doctors in the infirmary tell the prisoner they are paranoid.

This mind game, along with chemical torture and frustration by the prisoner causes their histamine reactions to increase as they resist the abuse; this prolonged torture eventually causes the prisoner to give up their will; just as we see in any psychologically abusive situation like Stockholm Syndrome.

The main goal of these techniques when used on a TI is to have them either give up their will entirely to authorities; usually by “end game” actions of committing an obvious crime which will have them taken into custody and be put under total control by the system; or drive them irrevocably insane so they either end up on the street helpless and homeless, or in a mental hospital for years; Or the final resolve to escape torture completely by suicide.


Voices in your head experimentation; (Drive someone insane or weaponize targets).

What many people do not know and are not aware of; every human being hears voices in their head; I know that sounds crazy especially when we think of people whom are crazy claiming they heard voices in their head telling them to do bad things, but nevertheless we all hear them.

An average person going to bed just after watching a television program; will sometimes have scenes from that program spinning around in their head; that’s right, normal people have echoes of televison program whirling around in their head complete with audio before they fall asleep.

Sometimes a person will start falling asleep and remember a conversation or argument they had with someone hours before. Say you had a disagreement with your boss at 4pm, by 11pm that conversation will drift into your head; recalling details of what was said vividly. So anyone reading this article now, worried about conversational echoes whirling around in your head; don’t worry, you’re not insane and it is perfectly normal.


Under the MK Ultra program, this human nature of auditory recall became part of an experiment to see if they could exploit this very normal echoing of daily experiences and focus those experiences to direct specific voices in a person’s head. The program involved many of the techniques mentioned above; the main object was to program by emersion and subliminal techniques; direct the internal conversation we all have going on in our heads.

This experiment had a very specific agenda, to allow our intelligence agencies (CIA), to weaponize any citizen at their discretion to activate them for purposes of assassination or any act of violence of their agenda. This goal was to create a psychological ideologue or an ultimate noc-agent whose mission was programed without their knowledge and have absolute deniability. I suspect the code name for this agent was “Lone-Wolf” or some snappy name similar.

MK Ultra knew very well that you could force a person to think about specific things with these psychological techniques and after a while; you could program someone to repeatedly hear anything in these reflective states. Not only could you direct a specific criminal act into the mind of a person, but you could also program in a cover story as to reasons why the want to commit the act; you could add some public figure; you could layer this programing so say; the subject wanted to kill president Obama; you also program they have fallen in love with Angelina Jolie; basically filling their head with ideas that somehow; Angelina Jolie is the greatest person in the world and is part of this plan to stop Obama from whatever he is doing. When questioned after the assassination; this perfect assassin is going to report an insane connection to Angelina Jolie and Obama; her work with children and how Obama is the evil sufferer of children.

This is what you might call juxtaposition programing and has been used directly for thousands of years to create a cause ideologue; in order to weaponize a person, you have to give them an artifact of good and evil, evil alone doesn’t work because they have no cause to protect. Cause programing or ideologue programing, is key in creating the perfect fall guy or patsy in psychological engineering.

Most people are familiar with cause programing for war purpose, where we dehumanize our enemy and tell our military they must protect our cause. This cause programing is also used on community watch groups and gang stalkers; where faction of people are given defaming and slanderous information intentionally to dehumanize their target and act in a faction cause.

The only difference between faction programing and typical cause programing which is used in overt acts of war is; faction programing requires the relationship to model that of a prison “trustee” a “Kapo” or “Uncle Tom”; where members of the faction operate in a state of mind of power, and if the challenge any situation their privileges of power in the cause is taken from them; and threatened if they expose the activities of the factions. In prison if a trustee doesn’t comply with the guards wishes, their privileges are revoked and they are targeted as a squealer to the general population. So whistleblowing is extremely dangerous for one who has joined in gang stalking abuses.


Although these methods are effective, you must keep in mind, that if you have been programed effectively; it will take a long period of time, with constant effort to take back control of the voices in your head.

First, you have to have a conversation “out loud” about the subject of the voices; break down the logic and do not try to fight thinking about the subject matter at all. If the voices are saying bad things, directly challenge them out loud, remind yourself how ridiculous they are; try and remember how and where the ideas came from; know who actually put them there. As soon as this process begins, you should start to remember people suggesting things to you (even strangers) out of the blue.

Please note: If you cannot get through this process or recall any tangible outside source for the messages the voices are saying and already know the voices being there for as long as you can remember; seek a mental health professional’s help immediately.

Second, every time you fall asleep direct your thoughts for about 20 minutes before bedtime in meditation to think of good thoughts; keep those good thoughts about yourself, and good thoughts about people in your past which will help you self-program as you fall asleep.

Finally, As you are falling asleep clear your head completely, counting to 2 over and over again is a highly effective way of preventing any thought slipping into your head which will stimulate auditory sensitivity.
Over and over again count, 1, 2, 1, 2 1, 2 etc.. This will take a while, maybe a month or longer and you will have deprogramed yourself back to a normal state of mind.

Conclusions, these techniques of targeted abuse and psychological programing are now known and deployed around the world. They are in the hands of millions of people while still never discussed in the public domain. Keep in mind that these techniques have been thoroughly tested, proven and are extremely cost effective in delivering results which can easily be confused for high tech equipment.

Understand, in a psyche ops war, the main term is exactly what it implies psychological war; you are the weapon of your own destruction, your mind can be used to destroy your entire life and twist your perception into a pretzel. Do not hide, do not resist, figure out why you are being targeted and tell everyone you can, if you are targeted like I was, for an irrational sexual fear; tell your story, it took me many years to understand that exposing the truth rather than hoping the lies will just go away if I remained silent is the only thing to do.

The last thing law enforcement who have harmed you wants you to do is talk; they manipulate and enlist these private communities groups for the express purpose of getting rid of their mistakes and misuse. The same code of silence over the super genius moron working in law enforcement never being exposed operates in community harassment. No matter how foolish and irrational targeting any individual may seem, you are not allowed to prevent it; you are not allowed to question it; and you are certainly not allowed to go after law enforcement because they will cut you off and hang you out to dry.

If you are in the loop and really have nothing to lose with no fears or loved ones to protect; consider doing what is right rather than what you have been made to believe. I myself have no beliefs, beliefs are not facts, beliefs can change with the wind; death or dying is nothing to me and the truth is the only thing I have reason to live for.

If you are a TI or part of the gang, Spread the word quickly,

by Kristina Johnson PG-SMG

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