Social Injustice

Coming attractions for the next periodical

Working on the background story to the real facts on the ground of the NYC human trafficking games, If I am not dead or in jail…I have a bonus at the end of this post of my journal of sexy experience inn the dynamic of trafficking.

A teaser for now with much more story behind it than most decent people imagine in my descent into the world of human trafficking.

From my years of investigation and intimidation from anonymous informants who have exposed their network to me and their practiced methods of cleaning up the garbage.Targeted isolation and sexual intimidation is the misogynous males paradise where girls are gone after with the watchful approval of virtuous community by the much liked sharks that act as garbage men to vulnerable women.

Black women have it the hardest over white or Latino even in a community that is run and policed by mostly white Nihilistic Catholic game players; many black girls are preyed on by white sharks to force her to accept the white dominant and seek protection if she proves years of virtue.

This social dynamic that stems from a misogynous chauvinistic perspective is based o the trade value of women to be eased or mused  as the anonymous informants like to call it is to subjugate women into service of males.

Virtuous mother and wife, nurse of self sacrificing , subordinate care giver to males, or serve as sexual entertainment outside the family orientated neighborhood, as many of my anonymous informants have expressed their ability to marry a women more financially and socially powerful in a sick entitlement of ownership over the future lives of women in the community being their future brides.

The paradigm as an example I observation of many women forced to take on elder care jobs suddenly, wearing inappropriate clothing dressed for department store work; as I am all too familiar with this type of intimidation having so many inflict those demands on m for over a decade now.

The full story that includes more of how these attacks are carried out, and how the persistent intimidation to dispossession and helpless are used with constant targeted sexual intimidations intended offend and inflict psychosexual disillusionment with extreme measures.

Outrageous Bonus

The deliberate financial destruction which have left me absolutely broke for almost two weeks this month fighting eviction, over the counter expenses, and extermination of bed bugs that took a year and hundreds of dollars to eradicate, left me without carfare, food money, and of course my  dreaded cigarettes.

I have had to take to rolling my own cigarettes considering the savings of pretty much $12 a pack is far too expensive and considering I have had to stop buying tobacco, for food priority and getting the story out while being a justice fighter put on the ground in the neighborhood and noticed a solution.

I noticed so many smokers were throwing half their cigarettes away and I figured I could harvest the tobacco and recycle new cigarettes, I had also noticed that many of the worst off, just pick up old cigarettes and start smoking them.

What people  don’t realize on the level of intentional and situational financial disenfranchisement, cigarettes and coffee are no longer a vice, but a very necessary weapon against mental exhaustion very much like Ritalin or Adderall that allows you to stay in your own head and ignore the games.

Deliberate attempts have been inflicted on me for years, not for my health but for more psychological leverage to break me by every means to stop my coffee drinking and smoking inn very extreme ways but today was analogous to the same irrational and inexplicable trafficking I was put through in high school.

As I made a full search down the business district collecting half smoked cigarettes to harvest I was being hawked (watched ) by this guy in a car who waited at the corner just as I came around and called out to me.

“you want to hang out?”  he said, then he asked ” you have no money for loosies?”

He started pulling his money out and hands me a dollar, I say thanks but I have to go now, he says ” wait, want another dollar?” I reach in and grab the second dollar, and say again thanks, but I got to get home now”

I turn he goes  wait her is another dollar, I turn to take it and notice he has his penis out and he is playing with it, as I would have usually not even taken his dollars, never mind just walk away from this sexed up guy, I just demanded he give more dollars and hurry up with his business.

I got $4 dollars from him  and told him you can touch m want and let him touch much a glove on to mess with his sexy.

The realization of a women’s role in this community is you either wipe old men’s butts as a virtuous nurse or you play sexual nurse to the perverts which will turn out to be the old butts wiped anyway.

As far as smoking and knowing enough about psychological abuse, PTSD, and countermeasures of stimulants,  and had seen two psychiatrist who I was sent to by social services to falsify diagnosis and help me be more susceptible to manipulation for Ritalin or Adderall.

As many can conclude; with the collateral agenda that has been asserted, prescribing me a drug that would make me more resistant would be counter productive.

The intimidative threat of dispossession and targeting vulnerabilities is the natural course of neutralizing the threat I actually demonstrate of what my anonymous informants like to call the new regime.