DMCA © Copyright Dispute

PG-SMG is a shared content media group; in that, some content is given to PG-SMG by third parties and edited and checked for copyright infringement.

PG-SMG also checks to see if “original” content meets “fair use” criteria; which doesn’t deny the right of a copyright content  holder to contact PG-SMG and make an immediate dispute against fair use criteria.

Mediation by PG-SMG is swift and amicable, and it is not the intent of PG-SMG’s to demand rights to publish content summarily under “fair use’ exemptions in spite of a content holder’s dispute.

Possible immediate resolutions to a dispute:

  • Content will be immediately removed from PG-SMG.
  • Content may be altered in agreement with content copyright holder.
  • PG-SMG may include a Content  copyright disclaimer in agreement with content copyright holder.

Copyright content dispute ticket submission form below:

Published/Revised 3-23-2017                        PG-SMG