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As many know, the Reverend Mother Lilith p.t. a.k.a., Kristina Johnson’s Peace Mission started with a Justice Mission and heinous crimes committed against her and her Lutheran Family. In exploring paths to justice, through years of investigation while suffering a “Spanish prisoner” virtual abduction by insurgent subversive nihilistic Catholics in Westchester County NY, and  NYC; the investigation driven by profiling the enemy’s motives expanded the scope right into the religious conflicts background.
By Reverend Mother’s personal circumstance, much of her religious training required home schooling by her mother, and Father a devout and sometimes overzealous Lutheran that became an integral part of her training and a powerful aggravated motive of the local Roman Catholics Irish Catholic acquaintances of his. The Reverend Mother’s father was known to proudly spew Lutheran rhetoric and friendly insults to area Roman Catholics and Irish Catholics in the local taverns which subsequently  provoked a quit feud to ruin him and his Swedish Family.
From The Reverend Mother’s father’s perspective, having grown up around the Pelham Parkway area of the Bronx in NY, he had in childhood, friendly jibes with a multitude of Catholics and Jews all living in the same neighborhood without any animosity towards each other. The landscape of the crossroads of religion was quite different in the suburban neighborhoods, that were segregated by not only nationality, but faith devoid of the friendly jibing of his old neighborhood.
Obviously, without even talking about the Reverend Mother’s condition, her cloistering from her family’s church; Trinity Lutheran Church in White Plains, NY, eventually drove her our of high school by death threats from local nihilistic Catholic who became sexually obsessed with her almost unnoticeable difference. The targeted abuse the Reverend Mother was subjected too was from the same dirty detective with attitude in the 1960s-1970s simultaneous to Frank Serpico’s blowing the whistle on in New York City’s detectives in Spanish Harlem.
Unfortunately,  in the 1970s, Westchester County, the City of Yonkers, and the towns Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry and Greenburgh with the reach of Yonkers Westchester County Detectives involved; didn’t have a Frank Serpico and didn’t have a Mayor John V.  Lindsey to appoint the Knapp Commission. The Parallel without such a target rich environment avoided any alarm bells  and police corruption and heinous predator behavior was never investigated which allowed them to slowly escalate their war only building their frustration.
The Reverend Mother’s investigation to the expansion of trafficking the 40 years of psychological and sexual targeted abuses made by the same New York area nihilistic Catholic detectives generationally getting worse with sexual crusade and trafficking attitudes, has proven the  Knapp Commission was ineffective in cleaning up the use C.I.-criminals-and-damaged nihilistic-Catholic-misogynist-chauvinists. The facts on the ground is, there are more than ever dirty rats or CI’s to use in targeted trafficking, money or patronage is the daily bread of undesirables wiling to do anything to not be hassled, go to jail or just plain get a government check collecting SSI and doing drugs without any problem.
In the Reverend Mother’s sequential analysis, the scalability of the predator environment is booming big business for dirty cops and on line Perverted Justice groups that have converted most of the on line tools used to protect children and families from on line porn and perverts has created opportunity for industrious perverts in these positions of internet monitoring to profit extremely from sex trafficking in the internet back stage.
The real impediments to federal probe been in the 1970s as it is today, a smoke screen or stonewall of federal drug enforcement agents who happen to also be sexual predators acting with NYC detectives in their rule over NYC’s helpless. Unlike with the KKK, and federal probes on departments in the deep south, NYC with a liberal population and a drug war, that corrupt detectives have used since the 1970s to push drugs and crimes; use leverage to keep them in total control and job security with benefits of corruption “spoils of war”.
Unfortunately, even the Reverend Mother’s Justice Mission cannot touch these opportunist traffickers in her first run at the Federal Court, for fact on line traffickers are using the FISA venue tactics created in 1978 to block any righteous investigation into their heinous criminal activities. False NSA letters and gag Letters are being used like handing out tic tacs. The corruption in the with the no probable cause no fly lists and the tip of the iceberg The Reverend Mother cannot touch at this time, so the Reverend Mother is working on direct Federal Questions of such specificity to not trigger a SCIF (Federal Compartmented Information Facility) in Federal Court to shut her case down.
There is an unseen logic to the governors, mayors, federal and local law enforcement’s drug policies that are used corruptly to “own” individuals, girls, women, and men as in any tyrannical empire unseen by the populous. They have made sure in the Reverend Mother’s case, where they stretched themselves far off their intercity reservation to target a proper young Lutheran, her family and especially her father’s.  The parallels  of detectives boarding the deeply corrupt NYC, was the situation to exploit and inflict with CI’s an adductive serial killing rape scenario that started their build of dirtying-up the Reverend Mother.
The Reverend Mothers long time boy friend and business partner William David Renard had inadvertently  informed on all the dirty and sexually corrupt activities of NYC’s police in the south Bronx, which showed extremely similar trafficking and targeting of young women in the 42 precinct. Not only did William David Renard witness his sexually corrupt father sexually abuse young women, but he witnessed his father’s friend’s at the 42nd precinct, that was right across the street from his Piano Store. In the after math of riot conditions in the 42nd precinct; caused by the sexually brutal abuses of young women and terrorizing condition of young males spawned the real story of the motive behind the movie Fort Apache, The Bronx.
William Renard and his father ironically were also viewers to the movie being made right in their front yard knowing all the real dirt behind police corruption and the practices of dirty detectives, while these news worthy incidence were gaining national attention, the same dirty practices going on in lower Westchester County were invisible to not only the county’s resident but the nation do to its small scale and the effective ways detectives used of trying to push drugs on their targets and use drug addicts to help commit crimes and traffic targets.
Fundamentally; what laid obvious in her investigation of nihilistic Catholics who started praying on other Christian  creeds amongst them, was under the burden of family and community stresses, Catholics become disillusioned morally much faster than Lutheran and any other faith  and that her noticeable unbreakable adherence to her Lutheran training and upbringing in a cynical society was almost in in-corruptible.
In discovery of the corruption laying in plan sight and the ungodly behavior of the worst of the worst members of the Catholic creed, The Reverend Mother’s work relies on her standing in criminal justice to save all the worlds corrupt people exposing their selfish motives born of historical perversions and futile conflicts in the past.
The very origins of this damaged serving an Emperor psychology has been the cause of suffering the masses in dilapidated infrastructures, and will continue as The Reverend Mother points, the absolutely corrupt MTA revitalization plans between Andrew Coumo and Bill De Blasio, that doesn’t have anything to do with society building reconstruction, and is precise in maintaining the Empire economy and socioeconomic struggle in the broadly corrupt city. As far left as they seem in rhetoric, both men are pursuing known empire building agendas that sound l empathy for the lower class, while every move makes a larger burden quality of life abuses in a drive to maintain an empire.
The Catholics targeting the Reverend Mother ruthlessly, shown the Reverend Mother their disillusionment and exposed an obvious Gnostic personality disorder that is the driving rational for her theses work that profoundly realizes how Lutherans and other faiths disillusion in an agnostic direction that reinforces rational thought through emotional development.
Ostensibly, the Reverend Mother in trying to break the criminal obstructions years in the making, revealed motives for the irrational crimes that started against her at a young age. While forced to investigate, the Reverend Mother’s investigation revealed  links to the impetus of core criminal psychology and religious inductions specific to the Catholic church that has reflected centuries of depraved and criminal self-interest of disillusioned Catholics leaders and gang members.
As the Reverend Mother’s research pursues a justice mission in the Federal Court, she is literally being coercively held captive in a virtual prison in Bronx NY, by mostly Catholic authorities and CI members of street and drug gangs. The Reverend Mother is suffering the most criminally depraved version of black listing and is under constant threat of being killed.  The stalking, repeated tortious interference and targeted violent crimes towards her has been ruthless to obstruct justice and to forward sexually perverse Catholic agenda against of all things  her vagina.
The obvious impetus of vagina obsessions is a known Catholic political and social agenda which hardly needs explanation, considering on any institutional level from Catholic doctrine, Catholic run charities to Catholic institutions wants in on all women’s sex life, specifically our vaginas’. Considering the Reverend Mother was born discreetly intersexed and that intersexed suffers represents victims of the highest level of crimes against humanity by the most depraved in our society.
The Reverend Mother’s work represents all crimes against women with her remarkable standing in the war on women, both from a criminal standpoint and a theological standpoint in our modern times. To Catholics and the Holy See itself, her work in social and theological justice is as even the pope stated a nuclear bomb to their depraved standing army faith of long dead Alexus. is sponsored by Kristina Johnson a.k.a. Reverend Mother Lilith p.t. and her Postulant Theses Peace Mission Feminist Egalitarian Lutheran 2.0. Feminist Egalitarian Lutheran 2.0 is the sole property of Kristina Johnson a.k.a Reverend Mother Lilith p.t. as her Postulant Theses not for profit venture for world Peace. 


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