Boston Saint Patrick’s Parade

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boston-stpatrickThe whole concept of a self representative gay organization MassEquity requesting or protesting non-inclusion in Bostons St. Patrick day parade is a quagmire from its inception. The Mayor of Boston Martin Walsh’s failed to negotiate the inclusion of the gay rights activist group MassEquity with South Boston Allied War Veterans Council.

The Mayor will sit out the parade in protest against his absurd demand that a gay rights activist group, must be represented in a traditionally Catholic driven parade; where a Catholic Bishop single handedly usurped and co-opted the vast Gaelic & Celtic history of the convergence of Ireland.

On a more sane note, a group of mostly gay community members headed by Randy Foster and Steve Martin got their diversity float accepted into the parade; Brian R. Mahoney, the parade’s chief marshal; went to present their float’s acceptance in the south Boston warehouse where it was being assembled. In the presentation of the acceptance Brian R. Mahoney was reported as saying “On behalf of the Allied War Veterans, I’d like to present you with your acceptance,” handing Foster a white envelope. “It’s going to be a great day. It’s a great thing you’re doing.”

This St Patrick’s day can be seen as an Irish holiday from Ireland to the US, but it is in fact a celebration of Celtic Christianity moreover it is a celebration of Irish Catholicism. Whether you’re Catholic Irish or Protestant Irish, St Patrick’s day has become a forced celebration for all Irish; not such a Unitarian celebration, but a demand by the Catholic majority.

This pseudo cultural religious celebration is better left to the religious, while even across the US its confused concepts and origins; make it synonymous with Irish heritage over shadowing the rich cultural past of Ireland with a religious celebration.

If those who truly want to show pride for their heritage as well as pride for being Irish, start your own parade in secular wisdom; if you’re not invited to the party, have your own party.

Irish Day sounds like a wonderful day to celebrate the Republic of Ireland, founded on April 24th 1916; there are lots of other days that Irish as a united people can make a celebration and before they know it, no one will even bother having a St Patrick’s Day Parade anymore.

Well as usual, I myself will be sitting this St Patrick’s day out, not wearing green, eating things green or paying any sort of tribute to Ireland on this very Catholic holiday, and since corn beef and cabbage isn’t even a traditional Irish dish, I will not be eating a green colored version of it either.

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